LP Gena Slow Day doomgaze Burning World Records

LP Gena Slow Day doomgaze Burning World Records
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* Re-release on vinyl of the digitally self –released 2015 album
* Remastered in 2018 for this release by James Plotkin
* Edition of 300 copies on vinyl
* Copies will be shipped out by the end of October 2018

For fans of: Jesu, The Angelic Process, Neurosis

Gena was chosen by Arctic Drones website as one of the top 5 doomgaze bands around. This among Jesu, The Angelic Process and Have A Nice Life. What is doomgaze you ask? Artic drones tries to explain: “Doomgaze is a crossover subgenre fusing deliberately paced, heavy and repetitive doom drones and mellower shoegaze layers. The style is typically defined by a heavy emphasis on atmosphere and an extensive use of reverb, distortion and feedback.”

As a review on Slow day they state: “No one can question the power that Gena capture on their recordings, and the first song on their 2018 album Slow Day attests to that. “Past” is perhaps one of the best intro songs in the doomgaze genre, and it’s undeniable grandiosity will lock you in for the rest of the album. True to the name, the songs keep to slow tempos while doom-filled guitars crash against the droning undertones. While some lean toward instrumental bands in this realm of music, the vocals Gena present fit the aesthetic perfectly.

Each song is a new concept, giving forth new ideas and various genre blends like post-metal and shoegaze while keeping the overall vibe of doom and gloom. This album should be a go-to for people looking to experience more in this realm of music, especially as it represents the genre well whilst simultaneously distinguishing its own distinct “Gena” sound. ”