Kill Shelter In Decay / Bodies 7" Clear | Oxblood | White vinyl

Burning World Records is releasing two of the darkest and most emotive tracks taken from the debut Kill Shelter album “Damage” as a limited edition double a-side single.

The 7” vinyl single features In Decay ft. Antipole & Delphine Coma backed with Bodies ft. Buzz Kull. Both tracks explore the theme of death from very different perspectives.

In Decay explores the theme of loss and the inherent futility of the notion of forever. It’s an introspective story of personal grief and the impact of losing someone close to you set against a rich, dark guitar driven backdrop.

Bodies in contrast tells a macabre story which takes inspiration from a suspected murder case and a related Podcast by the Australian entitled “The Teacher’s Pet”. This track explores the darker side of human nature. The backstory revolves around a disturbing cold case from 37 years ago in Australia, where the sinister disappearance of a young mother is shrouded in a veil of sordid mystery and guilt. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/the-teachers-pet

"Growing up in the 80’s, the sounds of The Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division and The Cure were never far away. As these dark waves are blue printed in my listening experience, I knew instantly when I heard “In Decay” by Kill Shelter that I had to be involved. Luckily Kill Shelter agreed and this perfect double A-side is the result. I am very proud to be releasing this limited edition 7" vinyl on my label this year.”