Drunk In Hell S/T CD (Burning World Records)

Drunk In Hell S/T CD (Burning World Records)
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The 'Chinese Democracy of UK noiserock' Noel Gardner

Seven years (or probably more) years in the making. I got talking to these guys after seeing them destroy Supersonic Festival two years in a row with their Brainbombsesk annihilation tactics. Little that I know it would lead to a 7 year production period. But never mind that now. Here's Drunk In Hell...

On the Supersonic gig (by Adam Stone)

"The magnificently oblique and studio-shy Drunk In Hell ignited a pissed-up crowd and caused the steroid-quaffing security lesbians to suddenly wake up and wade into the mosh pit with a ridiculously misplaced intention to curb the euphoria of a throng who knew that these Tees-side misfits were the dog’s bollocks and a bit more besides. DIH are the new band who cannot play by the rules and who don’t follow any orthodox progression routes – and they’re not even that new. Ha! One four track demo that is over four years old plus two murky live sets on bandcamp and these insane buggers manage to almost headline Saturday night at the UK’s premier leftfield music festival."

More on the music of Drunk In Hell (from Collective zine):

Sonically and socially, this record is an offence and an affront. It is an attack. A mauling. A kick in the egg sac just when you'd recovered from a previous rupture and thought you were safe. Drunk In Hell have been around for yonks but seem to have only just started actually releasing music so people can hear it in the relative comfort of their own homes rather than looking at them on a stage and being a bit afraid. Their record is some 35 minutes long and feels like a power drill is being plunged through the top of your skull, right at that poit where your fontanelle used to be. Feedback whines. A beast roars. Riffs, if one can call them such, grate endlessly and atonally against each other until you're screeching at your turntable, begging for everything to JUST STOP.