2LP The Angelic Process Weighing Souls With Sand white vinyl Burning World Records

* Specially remastered for cd and vinyl by James Plotkin. Adding depth and clarity to the original mix. Approved by MDragonfly from The Angelic Process.
* Vinyl repress of the new mix scheduled for next year.

Praise for Weighing Souls With Sand:

Macon, Georgia’s The Angelic Process have often been called “drone doom,” but you’re not going to find much in common between them and the likes of Khanate or Sunn0))). No, their intense and massive sound is somewhere between shoegaze and crushing industrial, almost as if Justin Broadrick kept the dark heaviness of Godflesh and somehow applied it to the grace of Jesu — but with the kind of mournful melodies that can only come from doom metal. Weighing Souls With Sand, the group’s second and final album, is absolutely devastating in its blend of power and beauty. There’s something altogether fearsome about the crushing sonics of a track like “The Promise of Snakes,” and yet, it’s the beauty of it all that really gets to you. Sadly, guitarist Kris Angylus took his own life shortly after this was released, bringing the band to a tragic end, albeit one with an absolute wonder of a swan song. (Treblezine)

""Weighing Souls With Sand" is a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece that gives its listeners one final look into the tortured mind of Kris Angylus before he left our world." (Sputnik Music)

"Bands like Jesu and Cult of Luna might be attracting the most attention with their distortion-drenched melodies, dubbed "metalgaze" by the perpetually pigeonholing music media, but it might surprise some that the Angelic Process have been doing it for longer than many of their peers." (Popmatters)

"Utterly poignant and powerful, “Weighing Souls with Sand” is an epic, exhaustive album. The magnitude of power that the music exhibits is absolutely stunning. Combining heaviness and, at times, brutality with utter splendor, this album spans genres and mindsets impressively and distinctly. I would recommend this to fans of stirring music laden with beauty throughout, and may K. Angylus rest in peace." (Metal Underground)

For fans of: Nadja, Jesu, Neurosis, My Bloody Valentine